Education For All

Education is the topmost priority of the government of Pakistan Awami Tehreek. The literacy rate will be raised through adult education movement and by imparting formal and informal education within a period of 10 years through a great educational revolution. The first priority of the manifesto of Pakistan Awami Tehreek is education for all (EFA).

  • The literacy rate will be raised up to 90% in the next 10 years.
  • The educational system from the initial stage to the level of university will be changed in the next 10 years by enforcing the modern and developed educational system.
  • In keeping with the new educational policy the teachers will be trained in order to enhance their competence to meet the demands of new trends in education.
  • The educational activities based upon thinking and understanding will be started systematically from early education and primary level.
  • The basic knowledge of ideology of Pakistan and Islamic studies will be incorporated in the curriculum at every level.
  • The educational institutions and curriculum will be purged of every kind of sectarian, regional, linguistic and sectional biases and hatred.
  • For the effective implementation of educational reforms educational devolution scheme will be enforced in the department of education.
  • Efforts made for the spread of education in the private sector will be encouraged at every level.
  • Information technology will be promoted at economic, educational and industrial levels.
  • The proposed reforms will also be implemented in the seminaries to integrate them in the national mainstream.
  • Respect for human rights, rule of law and philanthropist behaviour will be made part of the curriculum of every level.
  • Primary education confirmation card (PECC) for children will be issued throughout the country.
  • The number of the students will not be allowed to exceed by 30. For this purpose the double shift system will be started in the schools so that the students are able to get maximum individual attention of the teachers.
  • A special educational fund will be set up for the higher education of the helpless and needy students. Traders, industrialists, rich citizens and people with good economic standing will contribute to this fund on the basis of proportion of their income.
  • Our government will impose educational emergency throughout country to achieve 90% literacy rate under 10-year educational plan. According to this plan, new educational institutions of every level will come into being and double shift system will be introduced in the existing schools. Thus the number of educational institutions will double through the introduction of this system.
  • A ‘National Education Force’ comprising of the jobless educated youth will be established for the availability of educational staff, which will organize efforts for the achievement of 90% literacy rate.
  • All Pakistani schools, colleges, universities and research centers will be linked to the national industrial enterprises so that the theoretical and practical knowledge is harmonized.
  • Volunteer scholarship schemes would be launched at national level for the education of the children of the poor farmers.

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