The government of Pakistan Awami Tehreek pledges to provide immediate and cost-free justice. The judicial system of the country will be made very effective to provide immediate justice.

A change will be brought about in the structure of the judicial system for the provision of immediate and speedy justice. According to this plan, the powers of the judiciary will be devolved to the lower level. Thus a new judicial structure will come into being:

  • Establishment of federal court at the central level
  • Establishment of Supreme court at the provincial level
  • Establishment of High courts at the district level
  • Establishment of Municipal courts at tehsil level
  • Establishment of local courts at the union council level

In order to increase the performance of the judges, their salaries will register a considerable increase so that they are able to shoulder responsibilities with utmost concentration.

The reforms will be undertaken to provide immediate and speedy justice.

The Department of Legal Help will be established for the purpose of protection of civil liberties of the citizens and ensure the provision of speedy justice.

The centers for the legal training of the citizens will be established to spread awareness about law among the people where short courses and workshops will be conducted to achieve the above-mentioned purpose.


Illegal activities of every kind fall within the domain of corruption. But there is no comprehensive definition incorporating corrupt attitudes and practices. That is why most of the people go scot-free. Our government will take effective actions against the corrupt activities like conspicuous disagreement between legal sources of income and existing assets and standard of life, abuse of power for personal ends, misfeasance, misconduct, bribery, negligence in the performance of duty, embezzlement of governmental and public assets, counterfeiting and the enforcement of economically unfeasible and sub-standard plans for political gains:

  1. Prohibitory steps
  2. Punitive steps
  3. Administrative steps
  4. Steps for transparency in the system

The properties and assets of defaulters will be confiscated and no body will be allowed to usurp even a single penny. Accountability courts will be set up at the district level. Summary Accountability Courts will also be established to decide on the corruption cases speedily.

Multi-dimensional accountability will be conducted to mete out strict punishments to those who will be found involved in corrupt practices as a part of drive aimed at purging the society of corruption of bureaucracy and political elite. According to this plan, legal, administrative, political, and financial accountability will be conducted.

In order to establish corruption-free society:

The political-bureaucratic liaison will be dismantled and an anti-corruption drive will be launched at social level to spread the awareness among the masses.

An effective relationship will be established with the Association of States Against Corruption to ensure the elimination of corruption at the state level.

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