When I first met you
When I first met you
My heart lit alight,
I saw your blessed face,
The noor shining bright.
I looked into your eyes,
The only place where
I could find peace, I saw
Your smile, that greeted me.
I watched as all the people
Desperately pushing in line
To kiss your blessed hands,
I was so lucky to be there
To be with one of a kind.
You stood out from everybody
In the crowd, you were like
The star sent from heaven,
an angel sent from Allah.
There looking at you, I was
So proud to be with you, to
Be part of this blessed tehreek.
To be a Muslim, to be a life member
O Allah, Hear my dua,
Never part me from my Quaid.
I don't know where I would be
Without you. If you were not

Here, then where would we all Be?
Thank you Allah For
Choosing me to be a minhaji
And to be with my beloved Quaid.
By Mariya Mobeen Qadri, Aged 12, Bradford

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