Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri raises 5 questions about national security

PAT Chairman Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri has said that the nation will be told after every 26 months that consensus has been reached to intensify operations under NAP. He said that the government is not serious in war on terrorism. He said that its first priority is to complete its term in power and secondly to make sure that election results are turned in their favor. He said that reshuffle in bureaucracy on important positions has been started for this purpose.

Dr Qadri made these remarks while talking to the members of the PAT Core Committee on telephone yesterday. Raising five questions, he said that if the national institutions want to end terrorism and safeguard national sovereignty, then (1) action should be taken against those government high-ups who sabotaged NAP and who were identified in Justice Qazi Faez Isa report; (2) the reports of the Dawn News leak, Model Town tragedy and Abbottabad Commission should be made public; (3) such a military operation should be started in Punjab whose remote control is not in the hands of the civil government; (4) the matter of Kulbhushan network should be raised at every global forum and (5) questions raised about the Indian engineers and technicians working in the sugar mills of the ruling family on special visas should be answers.

The PAT Chairman said that the armed forces and law enforcement agencies have rendered matchless sacrifices in the war on terrorism but the civil government has not been appreciative of these sacrifices due to its political and family vested interests. He said that rulers will never let such an operation be carried out that hits hard at the extremist and militant networks because in that case, their politics will end. He said that if no action was taken against such elements then Dawn News leak and Memo gate scandals will continue to recur and the national security will continue to be compromised. He said that if the national security institutions impressed upon the government for an effective and result-oriented operation, then it will bring News leak like type scandal, adding that they are not democratic rulers but political mafia.

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